We are careful about your time and money and provide you quality service. We are proud to disseminate useful information with our clients for better decision making and strategic planning. To maximize work quality, we reach out to our local, regional, and global partners.
We are sincere with our clients and are transparent in our work. We are comfortable having difficult conversations to ensure accountability. We believe that an untold truth is as risky as tons of lies.
We believe PROVING project/site information backed by authentic reports help clients IMPROVE their performance and they LEARN to adjust implementation strategies.


TAGHEER provides Research, Management Consulting, Third-Party Monitoring & Evaluation, Real estate, Health tourism, Education & Training, and Transportation / Dispatching Services. We are government-registered in the US, Afghanistan, and Turkey. We have worked with Foreign governments, United Nations, International NGOs, Private sector, Corporate clients, and Individual customers across the globe.

Evidence-based learning is the ultimate goal for our service model. We believe in differences of opinion, value open talk, and practice information sharing with our clients and customers to improve work quality. Our communication is always “Honest”, “Open”, and “Two-sided.

We draw on our experience to ensure high level of participation for improved decision-making, greater teamwork, and shared ownership of the results. We help our clients achieve quick wins for long-term success.


  • We received dozens of recognition letters from our clients
  • We have a majority of repeated clients
  • Our engagement plans are realistic and achievable
  • We value open talk and don’t charge you any hidden fee
  • We help you take smart decisions
  • Our response time is less than 24 hours
  • We keep an In-house Quality assurance unit as a contract enforcement measure
  • Our core team members carry sufficient local and International experience
  • Our staff are fluent in English, Arabic, Dari, Pushto, Urdu, Turkish, and Swahili
  • We have services partners in the US, UK, UAE, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Turkey, Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan
  • We are registered with UN Global Compact, SAM, DUNS, UNGM, Grants.Gov, Relief Web, Afghan Bids, WBG, UNDP, WFP, Devex, and JCCS platforms
  • We are financially stable and do not require mobilization funds
  • We have no litigation or arbitration history and have no case of default
  • Shipping, Transportation, & Cargo delivery
  • Real estate, Health tourism, & Market intelligence
  • Management, Leadership, and M&E / Research
    • Health, Nutrition, and Food Security
    • Economic growth & Trade intelligence
    • Gender equality & youth development
    • Workforce development and job creation
    • Peace promotion and democratic governance
    • Formal education & vocational skills development
    • Livelihood improvement and humanitarian assistance
    • Reintegration through psychosocial support and economic engagement


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