Team of Experts

Meet Our Team

We employ experienced task leads, researchers, evaluators, data analysts, trainers, quality assurance experts, and client engagement officers. We also keep subject matter experts in civil law, real estate dealings, trucking & transportation, health tourism, economic growth & trade intelligence, gender equality & youth development, workforce development and job creation, formal education & vocational skills development, and in returnees’ reintegration through psychosocial support and economic engagement. This experience is combined with formal education from some of the world’s best-known universities and in the region.

Our core team is comprised of both local and international staff and readily available consultants from across the globe. They speak English, Arabic, Pashto, Dari / Farsi, Urdu, Turkish, and Swahili and are proficient in the use of technology to implement and reflect their work. The team diversity allows us to match the right staff for the right job to achieve client satisfaction. Our team is considerate about the needs, expectations, available resources, and assumptions of clients to ensure collaboration. They are friendly and are willing to go the extra mile. At the foundation of our work at TAGHEER, we believe in interaction, understanding, and flexibility but contract enforcement.

To maximize work quality, we reach out to our local, regional, and global partners. We cherish and appreciates their timely support to help us accomplish our work better and faster. We trust each other and enjoy working together. We are always open to expand the list of our partners in the countries we work. Please get in touch!


Zubair Salarzai
Field & Data Management

Syed Kamal

Syed Kamal
Strategy & Management 

Dr Kerrin Barrett
Data Analyst and Communication

Nathan Horst
M&E System & Design


Luhuvilo Sanga
Data Structuring & Analysis

Dr. Moyo 2

Dr. Moyo Bamidele
Research & Assessments


Nail Yasar Baltaci
Real Estate & Construction


Syed Walid Ahmad
Dispatching & Freight Forwarding


Essam Sidky
Legal & Market Consultation