SERVICES – Afghanistan


TAGHEER provides robust and bespoke management tools to improve the clients’ performance and experience.

By engaging clients, clarifying goals, setting-up objectives and identifying mission-critical actions, we get our clients to their goals faster. We are accountable, yet flexible, to adapt to the changing needs of our clients to meet their expectations. We engage a team of task leads and subject matter experts to support our clients and contractors in the below areas:

  • Act as your local partner to implement projects jointly
  • M&E frameworks and PMPs development
  • Paid job placements and internships
  • Handle your paperwork
  • Translation services


Our M&E system is designed to collect and analyze data to measure the achievement of project targets against the work plan and indicators at activity, output and outcome levels. This involves collecting, analyzing, and sharing data / information, with feedback from clients and stakeholders integrated in our reports for learning and improvement purposes. This participatory approach helps our clients for timely planning and effective decision making.

Our M&E plan serves our roadmap for site visits, where we agree with our clients on monitoring frequency, field visit protocols, and their particular reporting needs. We perform evidence-based data collection using a camera eye and technology. We use KOBO, SPSS, Atlas Ti, and Miro Board, which adds to the quality, speed and accuracy of field data collection & reflection.

Our TPM&E services include real time project / field monitoring, performance & mid-term reviews, as well as end-line & impact evaluations.


TAGHEER conducts feasibility studies, social research, baseline assessments, and perception surveys to inform clients plan and invest in appropriate interventions. Our assessments consider the local context, demographics, and gender, and power dynamics in their design. While our data analysis and reporting focus on the degree of relevance and comparison of the market / current situation to the clients’ priorities and plans. Our studies/assessments range from traditional snapshots to comprehensive designs and are highly participatory/focused asking; “How our clients will use our information for better planning, learning, and improvement?


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