CARE Afghanistan under the guidance of CARE Netherland is implementing a UNDP-funded Resilience Building Program in Afghanistan

Targeting 312,800 vulnerable people. This program is aimed at reducing #vulnerabilities for #returnees and #IDPs through the provision of essential services to local communities and protecting them against natural disasters; source to support rural livelihoods through strengthened social cohesion. 

TAGHEER will work with CARE for the #baseline and needs #assessment of the target population using a cross-sectional methodology. The baseline will help understand i) socio-economics & contextual situation; ii) the needs of local people & access to essential services; iii) resilience capacities to coping with disasters & economic challenges; and iv) suggested adaptable solutions and good practices to running community-based livelihoods and economic activities for local people. 

Please share your thoughts and insights, if you are doing something similar in conflict-affected areas. Any tools that you have used? Top 2 to 3 options to ensure #sustainability of such short projects?

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