Rapid Needs Assessment of Women Businesses in Afghanistan

UN Women supports Afghanistan through livelihoods skills training and provision of seed funding for income-generation activities to ensure income security, decent work, and economic autonomy for Afghan Women.

War, natural disasters, chronic poverty, COVID-19, limited mobility, and lack of access to education and employment opportunities, and scarcity of capital resources hinder women’s full and active participation in the labor force. Following these and the recent power shift, banking crisis, freeze of funds by donors, suspension of activities by many local and I-NGOs, and sudden displacements have affected many women MSMEs operating in Afghanistan. 

TAGHEER is engaged by UN Women to conduct a Rapid Needs Assessment in regional zones and related provinces of Kabul, Bamyan, Mazar, Herat, Kandahar and Nangarhar to report on the current situation of women MSMEs affected by crisis, unemployment, poverty, and livelihood disruption resulting from intersectional vulnerabilities including the above. The assessment, which will interview more than 3,000 women will inform UN about their training and capital needs; so, UN Women can design interventions to support and upgrade the crisis-affected women-led businesses for financial and technical assistance. 

We start this assessment with a reach to women businesses platforms and champions and literature. Please share your insights for a better reach.

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